Garden of Grace

with Kristin Kühn

Intuitive Guidance and Energy Work
to point you in love's direction

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Garden of Grace

An Invitation to Seek and Find Heaven on Earth

Welcome to my Garden, Beautiful Soul!

We're all programmed to bloom and blossom into our fullest potential. The embryo is designed to turn into a baby, the bud to turn into a blossom, the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly. The same is true for you — you're also programmed to become the one you came here to be.

Who are you and why are you here?

Garden of Grace invites and guides you to enter your Inner Garden — that sacred space within yourself where all the answers lie. When we listen within, we experience our true nature and open to receive our deeper truth and true worth. We invoke our own inner wisdom, our natural creativity and Source-ness.

Rest in your radiance and shed your light everywhere.

Take my hand and rest from the chaos, conflict, and confusion of the world and instead find peace, grace, and joy that come from being with what is, one drop of compassion at a time. Whatever arises in your life and in your awareness arises as an invitation always — to remember who you are and to reemerge in all your glory.

Attention is the price we pay. Get still and hear the quiet voice within.

Field of Poppies - Garden of Grace with Kristin Kühn

What is the ground on which your Garden flourishes, dear one?

Much of my work is inspired by a group of Goddesses called the Graces — maidens in full bloom of life — who symbolize ways in which the beautiful and benevolent is manifested in the world and adorns it. As beings of joy and gentleness, they are bestowers of sweet, elevating delight and wisdom, infusing our lives with the nourishment and awareness we need to grow in grace.

Grace is our natural state and the source of our happiness.

I'm grateful to offer these services to you to support you on your journey of becoming the Gentle Gardener within, that your life may flourish and you may be a blessing unto the world. As Gentle Gardeners, we're applying the ointment of self-love and self-acceptance and reawakening that which shines from within as pure being illumining the Garden.

Soul Support as You Bring Your Gifts to the World

A Gift of Grace

Single Session

A Gift of Grace - I love you wind chime adorning a porch

A Gift of Grace is an invitation to support yourself by receiving the blessing of your own attention and allowing love into your heart.

Garden of Three

Series Sessions

Garden of Three - A statue of The Three Graces embracing and encircling each other with love and adoration

Garden of Three is an invitation to deepen into the miracle that you are and to embrace the miraculous in your everyday life.

Spinning Gold

Spiritual Mentoring

Spinning Gold - Iridescent blue and golden shimmering butterfly resting on a daisy flower

Spinning Gold is an invitation to cultivate the peace of consistency and the spiritual strength necessary to gift the world with your gifts.

All of my services are designed to provide soul support as you

grow confident within the love that you are
get your wings back
infuse your life with beauty and reverence
bring your gifts to the world
find the places to start

Meet Kristin

I’m a student of A Course in Miracles, feminine astrology, and multidimensional living. I find peace in prayer and meditation, nourishment in the healing beauty and abundance of nature and her creatures, and meaning in living a symbolic life.

Holding sacred space and tending the temple fires are my natural delight. Hestia — Goddess of the Hearth — is well and alive in me. I'm a priestess at heart, serving at the altar of love, one holy instant at a time.

Kristin Kühn headshot
Crystal heart sun catcher - Garden of Grace with Kristin Kühn

Your Guide to Create Heaven on Earth

As Gatekeeper of Garden of Grace, I assist fellow journey walkers like you in rediscovering their Greater Selves — their gracious inner voice, their deep inner wisdom, the benevolence of the universe, and the richness and holiness of life.

Where to get started, you ask?

You can now book a session with me, explore my services to learn more, or contact me with any questions you might have. Wherever your journey is taking you next, dear one, remember to smell the roses!

Go forth in confidence and go forth in peace. For there are angels to your left and angels to your right; angels in front of you and angels behind you; angels above you and angels below. You are loved, and you are not alone…

— Marianne Williamson